Yang Guang Chinese Enrichment Centre is Singapore’s first and only skill-sets cum moral values-based Chinese Enrichment Centre. We aim to equip students with analytical, processing and inferential skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Oral expression is incorporated into every lesson so that students can articulate ideas and thoughts confidently... 

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>25% of every lesson time is dedicated to oral expression.

  • Hones students' oral skills

  • Builds students' confidence in the use of the language


Structured Questioning Techniques used to guide students in their writing

  • Equip students with critical thinking skills

  • Ensure seamless flow of thought processes from idea generation to story formulation, producing stellar writing pieces


Mind-mapping Skills used to guide students in answering comprehension questions

  • Equip students with analytical and inferential skills

  • Hone students' processing skills

   - Timely In-class Feedback

   - Active Teaching and Learning

   - Sustainable Joyful Learning

News & Events

Yang Guang Parenting Talk

Yang Guang incorporates a conversational section which boosted Rae’s oral expression/skills too


Mother of P5 MGS

Encouraging teachers and happy students develops into positive results


Mother of P3 RGPS

The teacher is able to motivate Lin Hao and he 
participates enthusiastically throughout the lesson


Father of P3 Pei Hwa