Chinese Preschool Programmes


Chinese P1 Preparatory Class (K2)

To spark joy in learning the Chinese language, we engage our young learners through play and activities revolving around a main story introduced every week. Learning moments are created through role-playing, story-telling, games and sensory-play, all in preparation for Primary One.

Course Content:

  • Programme is designed to set strong foundational skills in preparation of Primary One

  • Introduction of vocabularies, word recognition and sentence construction

  • Exposure to Chinese culture and appreciation

What Your Child Gains:

  • Activity-based learning to engage the senses

  • Small class size to foster student-teacher interaction

  • Positive and nurturing learning environment

  • Character building reinforced in teaching content

Yang Guang A.B.C (Activity Based Learning Class)


Yang Guang A.B.C is a lively and immersive activity-based programme especially designed to build self-awareness, social and emotional skills for young learners. Through a curated selection of Chinese storybooks, Character-Building Values such as Gratitude, Respect, Care, Harmony, Responsibility, Integrity, Resilience and Courage are introduced and weaved into weekly lesson time. In-class activities are also scaffolded to build strong foundational language skills of listening and speaking in Chinese. Students will also get the opportunity to explore themes and values behind each story and make a connection of what they have learnt in their daily life.

What Your Child Gains:

  • A love for reading

  • Fun learning journey for the Chinese language

  • Exposure to different genres of books

  • Interactive session with the teachers

  • An environment that allows them to develop their intellectual curiosity

  • Connecting the values learnt with their daily life

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