Chinese Writing 360 for P3 to P6

Effective writing ability is predicated on the following:

  1. A broad vocabulary set

  2. A strong foundation in writing techniques

  3. The ability to comprehensively fuse together ideas and the above 2 building blocks into a creatively written piece.


At Yang Guang, our experience has shown us that a well written end product stems from a mind that is creatively flowing with ideas. Hence, our approach to teaching writing starts from engaging our students’ minds and our teachers typically begin each writing class with a topical issue through which they guide students in vocabulary building as well as creative thinking. Through the use of multi-media aids, students are guided and given the opportunity to share their ideas, giving rise to a highly interactive environment where ideas are shared and new ones spawned.


Students are also concurrently introduced to various writing techniques, thereby increasing the array of styles that they might employ in their writing. Finally, students are coached on alternative ways in which they can approach composition question sets and consequently learn how to develop creative storylines for their composition writing.

Course Content:

  • Vocabulary building

  • Writing techniques

  • Guidance on creative storyline development for composition

  • Application of skills learnt through in-class writing tasks and mock tests

  • Periodic feedback on student’s learning and progress

What Your Child Gains:

  • Exclusive teaching materials created by our in-house curriculum specialists

  • The ability to utilise different writing techniques learnt and apply them to various composition question scenarios

  • Exam focused preparations

  • A small class size learning environment that facilitates greater teacher-student interaction

  • Overall confidence in the use of the Chinese language

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