Chinese Writing 360

(P3 to P6)

Good academic writing is more than just about penning down a good story.  It requires mastery of structure, writing techniques and the ability to develop plots and seamlessly fuse ideas together.

Our Yang Guang Chinese Writing 360 programme aims to equip students with these critical thinking, creative, analytical and processing skills such that they become skillful and engaging writers. Besides having the ability to thoroughly develop and write compositions of any theme, students will also indirectly develop competency in tackling inferential questions that arise in comprehension passages.


Further, while this programme focuses on writing skills and techniques, it also provides a platform for oral practice as students get to articulate their ideas, thoughts and feelings before penning them down.  Through the use of multi-media aids and stimuli, students are given the opportunity to share ideas and spawn new ones in a highly interactive environment.

Course Elements:

All courses are in-line with MOE’s curriculum and format

  • Metacognitive Strategies

  • Structured questioning techniques for composition writing

  • Extensive vocabulary bank and 好词佳句

  • Platform for oral expression

  • Develop, apply and articulate moral value statements

What Your Child Gains:

  • The ability to produce stellar written work that flows seamlessly from the idea generation phase through to story formulation and finally to the written piece

  • Critical thinking and creative writing skills that can be applied to compositions of any theme/scenario

  • The ability to craft moral value statements that are essential elements in composition writing, comprehension and in the oral exam

  • The opportunity to apply the skills learnt through in-class writing tasks and mock tests

  • In class, timely, individualised feedback on learning and progress

  • Confidence in oral expression and in the use of the Chinese language

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