Chinese Preschool Programmes

Yang Guang believes that by cultivating the interest of learning Chinese from a young age and paving a strong foundation, a child will find learning Chinese a breeze in this primary school years and beyond. 

We also firmly believe that it is only with moral conduct and good behavioral habits that our students could become active and passionate young learners. Hence, our Chinese curriculum is designed around the theme of the character values, which is also our trademark.

At the end of our pre-school programme, your child will:

  1. Enjoy learning Chinese language

  2. Progressively master foundation literacy skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Chinese language

  3. Be curious and want to know more about Chinese culture and children’s literature

  4. Be inculcated with sound traditional Chinese values of Gratitude, Respect, Care, Harmony, Responsibility, Integrity, Resilience and Courage 

Chinese P1 Preparatory Class (K1-K2)

In our bid make learning more enjoyable and sustainable, our programme emphasizes on cultivating interest and a smooth progression from K1 to K2, hence we do not to overburden our young learners with excessive penmanship and worksheets. 

We understand that the ability to identify and recognize Chinese characters is important in the early learning years of a child - hence we produced plenty of hand-made visuals to reinforce and help young learners retain what they have learnt. 

We impart basic literacy skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Chinese language using interactive media in conjunction with storyboard, colorful pictures, puppets, real-life items to attract young learners and reinforce their knowledge. 

We ensure that they speak with confidence and pronounce their words accurately. We also ensure that reading is fun by including drama, songs and movements and other interesting elements in our reading activities.

We infuse elements of Chinese culture in our lesson package and expose our young learners to Chinese literature such as Chinese rhymes and poems. They will learn to appreciate the Chinese culture, tradition and literature from young.

In the course of two years, being nurtured in the culturally rich environment, and having established a strong foundation in Chinese, our young learners will love to learn Chinese language.


K1 Chinese Enrichment 

What Your Child Gains:

  • Converse confidently in Chinese with their peers

  • Read basic Han Yu Pin Yin, short phrases and simple passages

  • Use proper sentence structure to form sentences

  • Write basic strokes

  • Use the vocabulary that they acquired through story reading

  • Appreciate Chinese culture, customs, poems and rhymes

  • Apply sound values to real-life situation


K2 Chinese Enrichment

What Your Child Gains:

  • Do show-and-tell confidently

  • Use full set of Han Yu Pin Yin syllabus

  • Use more short phrases and read simple passages

  • Use more complex sentence structure to form sentences

  • Write all strokes required for primary one education

  • Use more vocabulary that they acquired through different media

  • Share Chinese culture, customs, values, poems and rhymes with their peers

Yang Guang A.B.C (Activity Based Learning Class)


Yang Guang A.B.C is a lively and immersive activity-based programme especially designed to build self-awareness, social and emotional skills for young learners. Through a curated selection of Chinese storybooks, Character-Building Values such as Gratitude, Respect, Care, Harmony, Responsibility, Integrity, Resilience and Courage are introduced and weaved into weekly lesson time. In-class activities are also scaffolded to build strong foundational language skills of listening and speaking in Chinese. Students will also get the opportunity to explore themes and values behind each story and make a connection of what they have learnt in their daily life.

What Your Child Gains:

  • A love for reading

  • Fun learning journey for the Chinese language

  • Exposure to different genres of books

  • Interactive session with the teachers

  • An environment that allows them to develop their intellectual curiosity

  • Connecting the values learnt with their daily life

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