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At Yang Guang, we aim to build a strong foundation and fun learning journey to mastering the Chinese language. For the different holiday periods, a variety of programmes will be offered ranging from Chinese holiday camps to culture workshops where students can try their hand at Chinese calligraphy or face mask painting. There is also the preparatory writing course that aims to give students a head start with writing techniques and strategies for the upcoming school term.



土思幼想 (K1-K2)

3-Day NeuroCeramics

Chinese Language Building Camp

As the saying goes, young minds are impressionable. We would like to leave a deep and picture-perfect impression of Chinese language in the minds of our young ones. Infusing NeuroCeramics in our lessons allows them to explore endless possibilities with imagination. When we pair NeuroCeramics with Chinese language and other kinesthetic activities, such as drama and movements, children easily establish associations between Chinese characters and real-life activities. With this, the grueling challenges of learning Chinese can be overcome easily.

At the end of each lesson, students will learn Chinese Characters spontaneously while they are enjoying an interesting story and immersing in the fantasy of the NeuroCeramics art which allows their imagination to fly. They will also be introduced to reflective questions to help develop their thinking skills. Students will be motivated to brainstorm ideas in Chinese throughout the process, then compose short and meaningful piece of writing by themselves, and confidently present it to their peers

Such active learning of Chinese is necessary in the modern age when young children are exposed to ICT from a very young age. Our programme stands out as it wakes up the natural deep senses of children and let them experience the truly sustainable joy of learning. 

3-Day NeuroCeramics Chinese Language Building Camp


Programme Information

3-Day Camp  |  3hr / Day
Programme Fees:  $240


To Ace in Chinese,Aim at "Speaking"

To learn Chinese well, it is best to start with speaking. In Yang Guang, we know this too well. Hence there is a deliberate oral component in every lesson, in which we provide platforms such as Show-and-Tell and peer conversation for students to learn to speak Mandarin fluently from native Chinese teachers.

Before we get students to practice speaking, they would be guided through a thinking process to help clarify their thoughts and would be coached in putting these thoughts into words. With more practice, they gain more confidence per lesson in speaking expressively and with clarity. Not only will Yang Guang students see a boost in oral skills, they will also see a marked improvement in results as oral exams make up 25% of the total Chinese Language grade. Combined with effective writing techniques and strong vocabulary, students' overall performance in learning Chinese will be enhanced. Soon they will be more affirming and have less fear of Chinese Language exams. 


P1 Beginner's Hanyu Pinyin Workshop

To master the art of speaking, start smart with 汉语拼音 (hàn yǔ pīn yīn).


Learning “汉语拼音” (hàn yǔ pīn yīn) is absolutely important for young learners (pre-schoolers) of the Chinese language. With the help of  “汉语拼音”, they are able to  pronounce Chinese characters while they are expanding their vocabulary for reading and writing Chinese. Hence by providing a reliable platform for them to learn “汉语拼音” is as good as providing a great head start for preschoolers to advance into Primary One Chinese curriculum.

Programme Information

5-Day Programme  |  2hr / Day
Programme Fees:  $175


P3-P6 Chinese Writing Workshop

Stay focus with Holiday Writing Classes.


For some primary school students, especially Primary 2 students going to Primary 3, their greatest challenge is always in writing. Due to limited vocabulary and lack of substantial support in their early years, most of them are still unable to construct complete sentences at the end of their Primary 2 curriculum year; let alone writing a complete paragraph or story.


This has made Chinese writing task grueling to them in the years to come. Imagine struggle all their way from Primary 3 to Primary 6; from writing 1-picture composition to 5-pictures-and-1-outcome composition with prompters, in merely 50 MINUTES. Primary 5 is the time when they face PSLE composition format at point blank. Not knowing what to write or not knowing how to write in order to meet the mark is a common problem; some students may just end up with a meltdown.


To avoid such a situation, making good use of year end school holiday period to hone their writing skills is the key.


At Yang Guang, we emphasise on telling a story clearly and concisely before we teach students writing. Such a method is more guided and targeted than imparting writing skills alone. And our students have benefited a lot from this.

Programme Information

5-Day Programme  |  2hr / Day
Programme Fees: $215 (P3/P4); $230 (P5)


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