Yang Guang Online Classes
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Happy Parents

I’m really happy that Jiale finished writing his compo, this time very near to the 50 mins time frame. This is a big accomplishment for him especially when lessons are now conducted virtually! It seems like he is also more motivated as he even reminded me to email his work to his teacher. Well done Yang Guang!

Mdm Tan San San,

Mother of Jiale (P6)

Francine enjoys the virtual classes as much as the in-class lessons. She really likes the interactive sessions online and participates in discussions as she understands the teaching that goes on. Other HBL lessons are not as interactive.

Mdm Jane Marie Lozarita,

Mother of Francine (P4)

I am really glad that Yang Guang had taken all the essential steps in ensuring that their zoom sessions are secure and safe for my son. Well done!

Mrs Yong,

Mother of Sheng Jie (P6)

I am so relieved that I don't have to supervise my son in completing his online assignment as the teacher guided him along. As such, he was able to submit the completed work after every lesson.

Mr Chan,

Father of James (P4)

I never expected the virtual classes to be 2 hours just like the centre's. The teacher gave constructive feedback and comments during the lesson which I thought was really useful and important.

Mr Oh,

Father of Ariel (P6)

The teacher and students were interacting well throughout the lesson.

Mrs Ho,

Mother of Yi Xian (P5)

The lesson was well planned and my son was able to follow the pace. 

Mrs Tan,

Mother of Alex (P5)

The teaching was engaging and lively. My daughter found the class interesting and went through the session without any issues. 

Mrs Wong,

Mother of Jane (P4)

Yang Guang Teachers' Reflection
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In early March, all the teachers at Yang Guang, under the guidance of the Curriculum Head, learnt about Zoom and its applicability to online teaching...

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I was also able to use different approaches and online tools to manage the pace of learning as well as stimulate their interest and thinking process.  The end result of which was to achieve a good learning outcome...

Tracy FB (2).jfif

Virtual classes are in real-time and while students were doing their written work, I was still able to answer queries, clear doubts and provide assistance...