Yang Guang Curriculum

Developed by our in-house professional team of Teachers and Curriculum Planners (including current and former MOE personnel), Yang Guang lesson materials are always kept up-to-date and aligned with the current MOE Chinese syllabus. Our weekly lessons are scaffolded to build knowledge-based competency in our students. Character building values are also weaved into our weekly lessons. Frequent revisions and mock tests further help build confidence in our students’ Chinese language abilities, enabling each student to achieve incremental success at their own pace.



Chinese Writing 360

  • Use of multi-media and related activities to expand vocabulary repertoire and writing techniques

  • Systematic teaching to ensure application of different writing techniques and strategies learnt in student's composition.


Chinese Enrichment

  • Programme syllabus in alignment with current MOE Chinese Curriculum

  • Teaching of values through multi-media such as short video clips, songs and stories to tune into students' learning