Our Teaching Philosophy


At Yang Guang, we firmly believe that having a deep interest (in any endeavour) is the foundation upon which future progress can be made and this is the same philosophy that we bring to the teaching of the Chinese language.


At Yang Guang, our classes are designed to build that deep interest right from the start. Classes, even for the very young learners, are designed to be fun and engaging with a clear focus on teacher, student and peer interaction. We believe that such an environment gradually wears away the inhibition that students feel when encountering a new language and in due course allows interest, creativity and spontaneity to build in them. Teacher guidance is crucial to achieve that and all our teaching staff are specially skilled to foster this conducive learning environment in all our classes.


Language competency aside, we also firmly believe that character development is an essential part of our students' learning journey. Guided by this belief, Yang Guang's curriculum, which is very much in line with the current MOE Chinese syllabus, intentionally weaves the teaching of values into the course of our student lessons.


Ultimately, we hope that our students not only excel in their Chinese Writing, Comprehension, Listening and Oral abilities, but are also imbued with the values of Resilience, Respect, Harmony, Courage, Responsibility, Care, Integrity, and Gratitude.

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