3 Tips to Help Your Child be a More Confident Chinese Speaker

PSLE Chinese Oral is less than 2 weeks away.. Are you ready?

With less than 2 weeks to prepare for PSLE Chinese Oral, many students, or even their parents, may feel at lost and worried about the upcoming examination. Fret not, hope is not lost! Our Yang Guang Chinese’s experienced team of educators have some tips on how to ACE that 25% with confidence.

1. Appreciate your child’s effort every time he/she tries to speak or strike a conversation in Chinese or - by speaking the same language. This will be a positive reinforcement as you are mirroring and encouraging her action in a meaningful way.

2. Communicate in Chinese all the time. You have to expose your child to fluent Chinese so, be your child’s role-model. You may have to pick up appropriate Chinese vocabulary and expressions yourself so that your child could learn from you.

3. Train your child to Express personal opinions, ideas and experiences clearly and effectively. If you could, start doing these consciously when your child is as young as 4-5 years old, any time later, it is going to be tough for him/ her.

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