3 Ways to Help Your Child Prepare for Primary 1 Chinese

Starting primary school can be an exciting and apprehensive experience for both parents and children alike. As your child transits from Kindergarten 2 to Primary 1, he or she will learn to take on more challenges such as handling longer school hours and facing a more structured curriculum. Among all the subjects in Primary 1, you might be most worried about Chinese language, especially if your child does not speak Mandarin regularly at home.

It is vital to build a strong foundation in the language from a young age. However, there are some differences between Kindergarten 2 Chinese and Primary 1 Chinese including the relatively fast learning pace and more content to cover within the school year. Therefore, it is important to prepare your child well before he or she enters Primary 1.

At Yang Guang, our team of experienced team of passionate and experienced educators will help you and your child during the journey. Here are 3 highly successful ways to help your child prepare for P1 Chinese.

1. Encourage real-life application of Chinese language

Word recognition and Hanyu Pinyin might be one of the most basic elements of Chinese language but it is also one of the most important elements. Being able to recognise and read basic characters and Hanyu Pinyin is essential to help your child advance his or her overall Chinese ability.

  • You can start preparing your child by encouraging him or her to use the words they have learnt in class in real-life situations.

  • Spot and read any Chinese words they encounter in their daily life such as on signboards, menus and books to build on his or her Hanyu Pinyin foundation.

  • You can also make use of different objects such as whiteboards and playdough to familiarise your child with the structure of Chinese characters.

This way your child will start to see the practicality of the Chinese language as well as gain confidence in using the language.

2. Encourage reading of Chinese storybooks

Parental involvement is essential in child’s developmental years, and even more so during the transition period. Supporting your child’s learning journey can be as easy as spending time to read Chinese storybooks together.

  • At Yang Guang, we promote activity-based learning to nurture the love of reading Chinese storybooks.

  • Through a curated selection of Chinese storybooks, we spark imagination, stimulate curiosity and encourage students to explore the themes and values behind each story while expanding their vocabulary.

  • Students will be able to respond to simple questions and share their thoughts in Chinese.

3. Work hard, play harder

A great way to help your child prepare for P1 Chinese is to find out more about the local MOE Chinese syllabus and help your child build strong language skills before he or she enters Primary 1. But the learning process need not be dull and uninteresting.

  • At Yang Guang, we promote enjoyable and interactive learning environment.

  • Enriching students learning experience with interactive in-class activities, our team of experienced teachers engage students with hands-on activities to build strong foundational skills in listening and speaking in Mandarin.

  • We expose students to Chinese language by incorporating diverse materials such as arts and craft, music and show and tell segment in our programmes.

As a result, Yang Guang students do not only learn positive values and cultivate appreciation for the Chinese culture, they also gain knowledge about other subjects such as Arts Appreciation and Science while building strong foundational skills in listening and speaking in Mandarin!

Transiting from Kindergarten 2 Chinese to Primary 1 Chinese might be a daunting experience for both parents and children. However, with the right support and guidance, your child’s learning journey can be rewarding. Speak to our curriculum experts today to learn more about how you can help your child’s learning journey.

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