Chinese Writing 360

The Yang Guang Chinese Writing 360 programme aims to equip students with critical thinking, creative, analytical and processing skills such that they become skillful and engaging writers ...


Chinese Enrichment /


This programme focuses on building strong foundational, analytical, processing and inferential skills required for speaking, listening, reading and writing ...



Preschool Programmes

Lively and immersive activities-based programmes are especially designed to spark interest in learning the Chinese language for young learners. Our programmes aim to cultivate interest and pave a strong foundation from a young age  ...

March Holiday Programmes Flyer (A4) Colo

At Yang Guang, we aim to build a strong foundation and fun learning journey to mastering the Chinese language ...


Yang Guang​ W.OR.L.D

Short for Writing, Oral, Language and Depth, Yang Guang W.OR.L.D is a series of short term workshops and courses...


Workshops & Parenting Talks

Join us for our informative and interactive sessions such as storytelling for young learners, parenting workshops on the latest strategies and techniques on acing Chinese Oral etc., conducted by our curriculum specialists ...

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