"Within 1 term at Yang Guang, Francine's results showed

marked improvement. She went from barely making it to

topping the class in Chinese Comprehension."

- Mdm Jane Marie Lozarita, Francine's Mother

"Kiera used to attend Chinese tuition at a big and reputable Chinese enrichment centre. Over time, not only did we not see any improvement, she started displaying signs of frustration and dread for the language. At one point, she was so upset that she threw her Chinese notepad into the bin. Having analysed the situation, we realised that the enrichment centre’s style of teaching did not suit Kiera. Therefore, we proceeded to withdraw her from the centre.

As Kiera still requires Chinese tuition, I had to look for alternatives and reminded myself that the next centre must have a different approach to delivering their lessons. Subsequently, a friend introduced us to Yang Guang Chinese Enrichment Centre. Coincidentally, Yang Guang was running a series of parenting talk then so I decided to attend. After the talk, I was really happy to learn that Yang Guang focuses on strategies and techniques on mastering the Chinese language which is very different from the previous centre. After which, I proceeded to sign Kiera up for a trial class as I wanted her to experience the difference before we commit. After the trial, Kiera told me that she liked the way the lesson was conducted and I was really pleased. 

Having attended 3 lessons now, Kiera told me that she is beginning to like the Chinese language for which I was really happy to hear. 2 weeks ago, we experienced a bigger and even more pleasant surprise. Kiera received results of a recent Chinese test and she scored 27/30. She was very proud and eagerly shared her achievement with myself and my husband.

We are really glad that we found Yang Guang for Kiera and that she has found joy in learning the Chinese language. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Yang Guang for their unwavering support towards Kiera’s learning. Thank you Yang Guang."

- Mrs Winnie Chay (Mother of Keira – P4, Singapore Chinese Girls School)

"I am a father of a PSLE graduate

and I ‘live’ to tell the tale."

- Sam Yeow, Brandon's Father


 (王嘉乐 /Teck Ghee Primary School)

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