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Thank you parents for your kind words and continued support. We will continue to do our best to support every child's learning journey at Yang Guang.

Management Team
Yang Guang Chinese Enrichment Centre

Derrick Lin Hao Pei Hwa Presbyterian (Pi

"We first got to know about Yang Guang from my wife’s cousin whose children are in Yang Guang. I remember we were told that Yang Guang is not your typical centre and the lessons are not ‘dull and boring’. Unlike other centres, Yang Guang is also not about memorising and regurgitating.

My son Lin Hao started lessons at Yang Guang’s Bukit Timah Centre before joining the online lessons when the circuit breaker kicked in. Since then, Lin Hao attends all lessons online. I have the opportunity, once in a while to be there when online lessons are going on. I noticed that the teacher is very welcoming and knows all her students. She is also very encouraging and is able to make the lesson interesting so as to engage her students. The teacher maintains a ‘points system’ where points are accorded for participation and that really motivates Lin Hao. He responds quickly and enthusiastically in class. Yang Guang helped Lin Hao make great progress in the Chinese language. He recently obtained 1st Prize for a ‘P3 Composition Writing’ contest from his school where he topped his grade.  

Many parents may feel that online classes are not the best but I think otherwise. Children today are tech-savvy and they enjoy doing things with their gadgets. As long as online classes are well conducted and structured, teachers are committed and prompt in marking assignments and giving clear and concise recommendations for improvement after, students can still learn effectively. This is exactly the kind of experience we get at Yang Guang. The pandemic has given adults and children the opportunity to familiarise ourselves with the virtual world and it is going to be a new norm."

- Mr Kenneth Lin (Father of Derrick Lin Hao – P3, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School)


"I first saw Yang Guang on Facebook and the contents they shared resonated with me. They seemed to have a very different approach to teaching compared to other enrichment centres. 

My daughter has been in various enrichment centres since K1. Before joining Yang Guang, she was in a Chinese enrichment centre that offers an all-in-all one programme. There are pros and cons to such a structure. However, for my daughter, it was difficult to grasp what was taught as there were too many things to absorb in 1 lesson and not enough time is spent on any one component to really master a specific skill. It was also not ideal that she was given model composition and told to copy parts of it for the Chinese writing segment. It was not long before my daughter’s enthusiasm for the Chinese language waned. She disliked Chinese classes and wanted to stop attending lessons even though the term was not yet over.

With that, I decided to register my daughter for Yang Guang’s Chinese writing trial class. She enjoyed that first lesson and agreed to continue. We went for lessons at the centre for 1.5 months before Circuit Breaker hit and we have since switched to online classes. 


My daughter shares that Yang Guang’s Chinese writing class is more structured and interactive with video segments shown to the class as part of learning. Classes are also conducted in an interesting way to engage students. Students are taught writing techniques for compositions and are therefore able to develop their own style and storyline for any theme. The teachers are very encouraging and because of the great rapport they have with their students, my daughter feels totally at ease in class and this helps raise her confidence in speaking and expressing her thoughts in Chinese.


I am most impressed by how Yang Guang have conducted their classes where students are happy to go for lessons. This positive mindset develops positive outcomes. I believe Yang Guang has done it the right way, equipping students with skills and techniques for Chinese writing in an interactive and highly engaging environment. My daughter achieved 14/15 for her school’s year-end Chinese composition exam and one of her earlier compositions was also chosen as a model composition for her class as well. Thank you to the teachers at Yang Guang. I am happy to recommend Yang Guang to my friends!"

- Mrs Ng (Mother of a P3 student at Raffles Girls Primary School)

Prior to Yang Guang, my daughter Rae was with another renown Chinese Enrichment Centre. After some time with that centre, I remember getting really concerned about composition writing as that centre didn’t really focus much on writing for which I thought to be really important. Upon my neighbour’s recommendation, I arranged a trial class at Yang Guang for Rae. After the trial, Rae shared that she really enjoyed the trial and was keen to switch to Yang Guang, for which we did.

Merely 2 months with Yang Guang, I noticed a sharp improvement in Rae’s compositions. Not only did she regain her interest for writing, she enjoys classes at Yang Guang tremendously. Classes are interactive and the native Chinese speaking teachers are engaging. The centre has found a winning formula to cultivate an interest for learning in their students and this maximises learning. Many children I know don’t really enjoy learning Chinese as classes at tuition centres mostly involve memorising model essays. Rae is in Primary 5 this year and initially, I was worried as the requirements are more rigorous than before. Today, I am really pleased that we made that switch to Yang Guang as Yang Guang has equipped Rae with the necessary skills and instil in her a deeper interest in Chinese writing. On top of that, every lesson at Yang Guang incorporates a conversational section which boosted Rae’s oral expression/skills too! I noticed that Rae is a lot more confident and fluent in speaking Chinese now and she scored 49/50 in her recent oral exam! She also obtained 34/40 for composition.

Unlike other centres, teachers at Yang Guang also offer feedback to their students, 1 on 1. This is absolutely critical for continual improvement and it is a much welcomed initiative as I didn’t expect this to be offered in a group class. I will enthusiastically recommend Yang Guang to parents of primary school children for this is an extraordinary enrichment centre where skills-based and interactive learning take place. 

- Mdm Lee (Mother of Rae – P5, Methodist Girls’ School, Primary)

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"Kiera used to attend Chinese tuition at a big and reputable Chinese enrichment centre. Over time, not only did we not see any improvement, she started displaying signs of frustration and dread for the language. At one point, she was so upset that she threw her Chinese notepad into the bin. Having analysed the situation, we realised that the enrichment centre’s style of teaching did not suit Kiera. Therefore, we proceeded to withdraw her from the centre.

As Kiera still requires Chinese tuition, I had to look for alternatives and reminded myself that the next centre must have a different approach to delivering their lessons. Subsequently, a friend introduced us to Yang Guang Chinese Enrichment Centre. Coincidentally, Yang Guang was running a series of parenting talk then so I decided to attend. After the talk, I was really happy to learn that Yang Guang focuses on strategies and techniques on mastering the Chinese language which is very different from the previous centre. After which, I proceeded to sign Kiera up for a trial class as I wanted her to experience the difference before we commit. After the trial, Kiera told me that she liked the way the lesson was conducted and I was really pleased. 


Having attended 3 lessons now, Kiera told me that she is beginning to like the Chinese language for which I was really happy to hear. 2 weeks ago, we experienced a bigger and even more pleasant surprise. Kiera received results of a recent Chinese test and she scored 27/30. She was very proud and eagerly shared her achievement with myself and my husband.

We are really glad that we found Yang Guang for Kiera and that she has found joy in learning the Chinese language. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Yang Guang for their unwavering support towards Kiera’s learning. Thank you Yang Guang."

- Mrs Winnie Chay (Mother of Keira – P4, Singapore Chinese Girls School)

"I am a father of a PSLE graduate

and I ‘live’ to tell the tale."

- Sam Yeow, Brandon's Father

"Within 1 term at Yang Guang, Francine's results showed

marked improvement. She went from barely making it to

topping the class in Chinese Comprehension."

- Mdm Jane Marie Lozarita, Francine's Mother


 (王嘉乐 /Teck Ghee Primary School)